Sunday, September 14, 2014

New Beginning

So well my dear Blogg, it is time to start using you again. And to those who read me, thanks for the patience at my lack of updates. First of all what happened to me? Well I started to write a tale which is in my head since i'm a teen, and managed to finish the first part, out of five. Also I did a couple of drawings to it. The second thing that happened  is that I managed to get a computer to work harder at improving my animation. The result can be seen here:

I know I have published this link before but I updated the file, so enjoy. At the same time I still managed to keep drawing. At a different pace I managed to keep drawing and slowly but steady but improving. I managed to gain a bit of speed and I'll make an effort to keep updating my blogg with the results of my training. (Yes you can imagine me saying that as a poor imitation of an anime )

After all that time I managed to land a job in the animation industry as a key animator. More details about it in another post. 

So this is the chosen drawing to be the First page of my new Sketchbook. By chance the date of this post is close to a Mexican festivity as well as the theme of the drawing. Oh well things happen. Till next time