Wednesday, May 21, 2014

color Sketches

 This first sketch was done in my regular coffee and sketch routine.

This second sketch is the cover of my new Sketch and is a Quetzalcoatl.

Well well, I haven't upploaded anything in a while (2 weeks and a half, I just checked). Not that I got that lazy but a blue Rhino messed up my computer. Nah. not really, more likely I spent more time doodling than finishing some drawings but hey, here are some color sketches.  So see you all next time!!

1 comment:

jaime said...


Muchas felicidades por tus dibujos, eres muy bueno. Por casualidad encontré con tu blog curioseando sobre el antropólogo mexicano Ricardo Pozas Arciniega, de Querétaro. ¿Eres familiar de él?

Saludos y disculpa mi intromisión pero es un personaje que admiro mucho. Jaime